Smart Lockers: The Next Step in Industry Innovation and Automation

Written by Kyle Conroy

Smart devices have caused a modern Renaissance of innovation and automation in the technology industry. By exploring new ideas, and oftentimes reworking old ones, technology professionals have been on the lookout for the next quantum leap forward in the digital age.


Twenty years ago the popular idea of a phone was considered vastly different from what it would be today. Because now, in addition to being able to make a simple call, a phone is considered an essential personal device which can access the internet, make payment transactions, stream movies and TV, capture photos and videos, and be able to instantly connect to almost anyone or anyone in the world.

Based on recent market projections, the search for the next large-scale application for smart devices is over. One device, in particular, is currently being installed by millions across the globe, and it’s radically changing the landscape of the self-service industry. Once again, it comes from the reinvented version of a classic tool—this time—the traditional metal storage device: Lockers.


Designed for application in nearly any industry, Meridian’s Smart Lockers upgrade classic storage options with the efficiency, popularity, and convenience of modern automation all while being the next frontier of smart tech innovation. 


Locking Into The Age of Automation

The self-service model of Smart Lockers highlights the newest wave of consumers looking to upgrade their business workflows with more efficient automation.


In the years following the Covid pandemic, self-service options have become an increasingly normal, if not essential, part of most people’s day-to-day life. Consumers now have more access to resources and device capabilities than ever before as the world becomes progressively more interconnected through smart infrastructure.

Along with the growing influx of endless digital options, there’s also been a growing demand for mis hands-off and streamlined products and services. Due to the rising popularity of consumers’ interest in ease and convenience, automation has recently emerged as one of the fastest-growing and most profitable fields in all of tech.


Unlocking the Future of Industrial Innovation 

According to Yahoo Finance, the Smart Locker market is projected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2028, and Fortune Business claims the market for Parcel Lockers is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% by 2029.


As far as the self-service market as a whole, it’s projected to grow by a CAGR of 16.4% and more than double its profits by 2026. Additionally, more niche markets like smart offices which often incorporate Smart Lockers are projected to grow by 11.1% by 2030.

Meaning that there’s no better time than today to start exploring how to upgrade and incorporate Smart Lockers and self-service solutions into any business model.


Customization in Lockstep with Unique Goals


Meridian offers a variety of Smart Lockers for a wide array of needs and unique goals. 


From Parcel Delivery Lockers to Employee and Asset Management Lockers, we have options for any and every situation. We’ve helped dozens of major brands and businesses around the country upgrade their strategies with Smart Lockers


Meridian also has fully-customizable options to fit any unique need. Our Concept to Completion model allows us to work with our clients along every step of the creation process to ensure our Smart Locker products meet every goal and expectation of our clients. 



Smart Locker technology is on the cutting edge of industrial innovation by revolutionizing the concept of a traditional locker and turning them into fully-automated and customizable digital solutions. With millions currently being installed or commissioned today, Smart Lockers are providing automated assistance for a seemingly endless list of modern business needs.


Learn more about Meridian and our self-service Smart Lockers to learn how to be a part of the future of automation.


April 4, 2023