What Are Smart Lockers and How Do They Work?

Written by Kyle Conroy

Nearly 4,000 years ago, out of a need for storage and security, Ancient Egyptians invented the first locker. Since its creation, humans have been updating and remodeling lockers countless times from their primitive design. The first recorded use of lockers in America was in South Carolina in 1786, and even then, they hardly resembled the metallic and sturdy design they’re now known for today.


Lockers have been a staple of American culture throughout the 20th century. Often invoking the popular notion of a construction worker putting away his hard hat after a long day or a high school student grabbing their textbook on the way to class.


However, much like the way they evolved from primitive versions of wood and metal padlocks, Lockers been redesigned and remodeled once again for the 21st century. By removing the analog padlock and upgrading with digital locks and software, lockers have iterated into one of the newest, and most popular, smart devices on the market today.


Smart Lockers are revolutionizing traditional storage lockers by upgrading them with digital automation which provides users with the convenience to store and access items safely, the security while remotely tracking and monitoring, and offering the control of remotely coordinating how, when, and where to use them.


Automated Storage Devices of The Future

What is a Smart Locker?

Smart Lockers are digitally managed storage banks which use digital locks to store and secure items. They’re controlled with remote software and accessed through an app or touchless kiosk. The technology allows for completely automated, self-service solutions throughout the usage process, and it makes the entire experience of acquiring and using a locker fast, efficient, and convenient.


Despite being invented only a few years ago, they’re now being widely used in places such as airports, offices, schools, and hospitals to provide more secure and efficient storage for valuable items and personal belongings.


How’re Smart Lockers Different?


Smart Lockers are different from traditional lockers in several ways. Traditional lockers typically used a physical key or metal padlock, however, Smart Lockers can be opened and accessed remotely or with a digital code or card.


Smart Lockers are substantially more secure than their analog predecessor. Not only can they have additional features such as access control software, temperature controls, and motion sensors, but they can be designed with advanced security features such as biometric authentication and encryption.


Unlike regular lockers, Smart Lockers can connect to the internet, allowing users to monitor and manage their storage from any location.


Millions of Possibilities for Millions of Digital Needs


Digital Smart Lockers elevate the modern storage experience for users through upgrades in Convenience, Security, and Control.



No matter what type of Smart Locker is being used for whatever purpose, the speed and efficiency they provide improves the user experience in every way.


Delivery services can use Smart Lockers to securely store packages, and customers can pick up their packages at their own convenience. It’s also possible to buy items online and securely access their delivered item at any time from a convenient location.


They’re also revolutionary for equipment rental services. Customers and businesses now have the option to instantly schedule and pay for their rental services either online, through an app, on location with the software on the device itself.



Digital locks and remote access allow businesses and consumers to safely store, monitor, and secure items.


Security options such as digital authentication and advanced security features like transaction authentication provide more oversight, data, and stability to the entire storage process.



Users and administrators alike can access and manage stored items either remotely or on location at any time.


Businesses can seamlessly coordinate with their current users, schedule with prospective customers, and manage multiple different devices at once.


Customers can choose specific delivery/pick-up times and locations as well as make any changes to stored items while on the go.


Humans have come a long way since the ancient invention of the locker, but even today people still need ways to store and secure things. Smart Lockers offer the 21st-century version of the traditional iron and analog padlock designs which have been for centuries.


The technology of Meridian’s Smart Lockers offers fully automated, self-service storage alternatives which provide unprecedented advancements in convenience, security, and control throughout the entire storage experience.


Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your storage systems to the newest version of lockers to come along in the past four thousand years.

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April 13, 2023