Employee Lockers – A Success Story

Written by Kyle Conroy

A large manufacturer, located in Texas, needed an innovative way to store employees’ personal items during their shifts. Since this company is known for being on the cutting edge of technology, Meridian’s solution needed to meet their standards and corporate identity of innovation and technological advancement.


The Challenge

This large automotive manufacturer approached Meridian about upgrading their outdated locker system to Employee Lockers at their Texas location. The previous wooden lockers and were not only unsightly but required major upkeep. This company wanted to incorporate their ideas of innovation into the project. They wanted a system that allowed each locker to be assigned to an individual employee at the beginning of their shift and used for the remainder of the day. However, the Employee Lockers needed to be flexible enough to accommodate thousands of interactions every day. Naturally this company came to Meridian to accomplish the task.

The Solution

Meridian developed the “Employee Locker”, a Smart Locker system that allows employees to scan an RFID badge, or any other type of identification, to access to the locker. At the beginning of their shift employees scan into the system and an empty locker is automatically assigned to them to use for the day. At the end of their shift the employee just scans their badge again, and the system automatically opens their locker again. This increases security and efficiency for all employees at this manufacturing facility.

The Result

This large electric vehicle manufacturer was so impressed with Meridian’s Employee Lockers that they have extended them to other plants across the country. Even going so far as to redesign the floorplans at their other facilities. As well as ensuring enough space for Meridian’s Employee Lockers to be installed and used by their staff. Perhaps more impressively, this company at the forefront of technological innovation, now refers to all smart lockers as “Meridian Lockers”. Simply because they know Meridian is the only company who can rise to the challenge and deliver such quality products.

Other Uses of Employee Lockers

Meridian’s Employee Lockers benefit more than just increased efficiency and security of employee’s personal items. Each locker set can be customized for any method of employee identification. The most commonly used is RFID scanner or employee badge. However, these lockers can use other methods such as fingerprint scanners, QR codes, or even numerical codes. Meridian offers a wide range of identification methods that fit the unique needs of any company. Employee Lockers can also be customized based on scheduling. If a company wants to offer employees a specific locker that would open only for that employee that can easily be programed. Additionally, Meridian’s Employee Lockers also allow administrators to have easy access to the entire system for safety concerns.

Employee Lockers also provide additional organizational opportunities with electronic records of all interactions. Since the system is tied to the employee’s badge or identification, administrators can track which lockers have been assigned and when they were accessed. Such records can be imperative should any legal or disciplinary issues arise. Ensure your company is protected with the proper documentation automatically with Employee Lockers.


Types of Smart Lockers being used in the workforce.

In addition to Meridian’s Employee Lockers there are many other Smart Locker types being used across multiple industries in the workforce. From manufacturing to office spaces, Meridian’s Smart Lockers are helping to assist both employees and employers by providing innovative and modern amenities to the workforce.

Asset Management:

Designed to provide real time tracking and accountability for all company owned products and tools. The Asset Management Locker allows employees to access, schedule, and reserve specific assets.  From laptops to power tools the Asset Management Locker keeps automatic electronic records of all items accessed through the Smart Locker. This system increases accountability and reduces lost or damaged items.

Visibility Tracking:

The Visibility Tracking Locker is perfect for both HR and IT departments in both hybrid and traditional office structures. Designed to increase efficient and contactless transfers of items outside of normal office hours this Smart Locker is innovative. Items such as documents or equipment are kept secure inside of the steel enclosure and accessed via a personal QR code. The personalized QR Code is sent directly to the intended recipient. No more hassle of trying to coordinate drop-off and delivery times between departments. Now employees or clients can simply drop off and access items on their own schedule. No more relying on normal business hours.


Modernize your company’s delivery process with Meridian’s Smart Parcel Locker. No more unprofessional package pile-up in the lobby or mailroom. Instead join the millions of office spaces that have incorporated a sleek and efficient package storage. Delivery drivers simply scan and load the package into the locker and an automatic notification is sent to the recipient alerting them to that they have a delivery.


Why Meridian Kiosks?

Since 1999 Meridian has been providing cutting edge self-service solutions. The true benefit of Meridian comes from our ability to understand each solution individually and its function in the real world. Unlike other providers, Meridian specializes in custom solutions, so every solution has been painstakingly designed to maximize effectiveness. Meridian’s designs focus on the pixel quality of the display screens to the accessibility for maintenance staff. Meridian’s unique in-house approach allows for each solution to fit the customer’s needs rather than trying to fit the customer’s needs around an existing machine.

Meridian assists customers through the entire process of determining which type of solution is right for their company’s individual needs. Our highly trained team works directly with you to identify all the important features and functions needed for the Smart Locker to accommodate. Additionally, Meridian’s talented representatives help you choose the right hardware and software for your space. Meridian’s decades of experience help to advice aspects like constraints in floor space to matching existing aesthetics. Get started today to speak with one of our associates.



September 7, 2023