The Future of Automotive Services

Written by Ross Hersey


In the Automotive Industry, convenience and efficiency are key. For dealerships looking to refine their services, Meridian’s Automotive Service Kiosks have changed the game. Our innovative self-service stations offer our clients a myriad of benefits that enhance the overall experience for both customers and businesses. Here are four ways your business can thrive from investing in Meridian’s Automative Solutions:


Our Kiosks Increase Customer Satisfaction Through:

Quick Check-In and Out One of the primary advantages of automotive kiosks is the ability for customers to quickly check in for service appointments and check out once the service is complete. Ending the need for long waits and endless paperwork.

24/7 Service Access Meridian’s Automotive kiosks provide round-the-clock access to all services. Customers can drop off their vehicles for service after hours or pick them up at their convenience, taking the stress out of scheduling services.

Enhanced User Experience Your customers can use our solutions to independently browse available services, make appointments, and access detailed information about their vehicle’s needs. This self-service capability empowers customers to manage their automotive needs easily and at their own pace.

Service Transparency:  Meridian’s Automotive Solutions offer detailed information about services, pricing, and estimated wait times, enabling customers to make informed decisions. Real-time updates on their vehicle’s service or repair add an extra layer of transparency and reassurance. Customers can rest easy knowing their vehicle is in capable hands.


Our Kiosks Benefit Day-to-Day Operations through:

Automated Processes Meridian’s Automotive kiosks automate day-to-day tasks such as appointment scheduling, payment processing, and service check-ins. Freeing up your staff to serve all of your customers’ specific needs, enhancing overall productivity.

Easier Data Collection Meridian’s Automotive Kiosks takes the guesswork out of customer service by collecting valuable customer data and providing you with insights into customer preferences and behavior. This data helps to improve your services, tailor future marketing efforts, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Cost Savings By managing routine tasks, kiosks reduce the need for added staff, lowering labor costs. Additionally, automation reduces mistakes in data entry, appointment scheduling, and billing, leading to lower costs.

Increased Revenue Our Automative Solutions can be programmed to suggest added services or products based on a customer’s service history and vehicle needs. This personalized approach can boost revenue.


Meridian’s Automotive Solutions Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Consistent Service Quality Meridian’s Automotive Kisoks can guarantee consistent and high-quality service delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction. When customers know they can always count on your business to provide a smooth, effective experience every time, they are more likely to return and recommend your business to others.


Our Automotive Solutions Can Keep You Ahead of the Curve By:

 Cultivating a Tech-Savvy Image When you invest in modern technology like Meridian’s Automotive Solution Kiosks, your business will grow a cutting-edge, tech-savvy image. Installing one of our kiosks shows that you are committed to providing the best possible service using innovative technology.

Separating Your Business From your Competition:  Offering advanced, self-service options can separate your business from your competitors. In an industry where customer experience is paramount, having a unique, tech-forward approach can attract and keep more customers.


Meridian’s Automative Solutions are Perfect for

Dealerships Customers at your Dealership can use Meridian’s signature Automotive Kiosks to browse inventory, schedule test drives, and check in for service appointments. Payment kiosks can ease finance and lease payments, making the process smoother for everyone.

Service Centers and Repair Shops If you own a service center or a repair shop, Meridian’s automotive solutions will streamline check-ins for scheduled maintenance, key drop-offs, and payment processes. Real-time updates on service status and estimated completion times enhance the customer experience.

Car Rental Agencies If you own a Car Rental Agency, our kiosks will help you masterfully manage all vehicle pick-up and return processes. Customers can then choose rental options, upgrade vehicles, and make payments comfortably, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction.


Meridian’s Automotive Solutions are changing how the Automotive Industry serves customers. By enhancing convenience, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction, our kiosks offer a host of benefits that will help your business or establishment stay ahead of the curve and provide customer service that is second to none.

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Since 1999 Meridian has been providing cutting edge self-service solutions. The true benefit of Meridian comes from our ability to understand each solution individually and its function in the real world. Unlike other providers, Meridian specializes in custom solutions, so every solution has been painstakingly designed to maximize effectiveness. Meridian’s designs focus on the pixel quality of the display screens to the accessibility for maintenance staff. Meridian’s unique in-house approach allows for each solution to fit the customer’s needs rather than trying to fit the customer’s needs around an existing machine.

Meridian assists customers through the entire process of determining which type of solution is right for their company’s individual needs. Our highly trained team works directly with you to identify all the important features and functions needed for the Smart Locker to accommodate. Additionally, Meridian’s talented representatives help you choose the right hardware and software for your space. Meridian’s decades of experience help to advice aspects like constraints in floor space to matching existing aesthetics. Get started today to speak with one of our associates.



June 12, 2024