How Interactive Directory Kiosks Are Changing The Wayfinding Game

Businesses and organizations are leveraging touchscreen technology to provide interactive building directories to help visitors locate their destination. The interactive directory kiosks provide users with engaging information and make it easier than ever before to navigate buildings and campuses. Interactive directory kiosks are intuitive and can be tailored to meet company specifications. The wayfinding solutions can be customized to present information about companies, departments, personnel and more.


Wayfinding solutions are designed for high-density areas. The interactive directory kiosks are being used in corporate office buildings, healthcare facilities, education campuses and hotel and resorts. These industries have turned to interactive wayfinding and building directory solutions to provide users with engaging information and to enhance visitor experience through self-service wayfinding.


Users can use the interactive directory kiosks to search by category (e.g. finance, consulting, food court), search by floor, or simply search for a specific company, department, personnel, etc.  Many interactive directory kiosks provide information on local weather and have emergency messaging capabilities. Emergency messaging capabilities add value to directory kiosks through buildings and campus-wide alerts.


When users find the listing they’re looking for there are multiple options available. Using VoIP technology, visitors can call their destination directly from the kiosks to request an escort or check in. Many interactive directory kiosks have mobile integration capabilities which allow users to send the listing information via SMS or QR-codes. For users without smartphones or who prefer a physical copy of the listing information, print on demand features provide visitors with a printed copy.


When considering a building directory and wayfinding solutions it’s important to consider how visitors will use the directory and in which ways they will want to interact. Depending on the use case, interactive directory kiosks can add tremendous value by creating a better, more customized experience for visitors and making it easier to communicate in high-density areas.

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