The Next Big Thing in Self-Service Solutions: Interactive EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and the miles per charge is increasing substantially. For example, the Chevrolet Bolt EV will start at $37,495 and offer an EPA estimated 238 mpc. The Ford Focus Electric starts at $29,170 with an EPA estimated 110 mpc. These new advances are allowing more people to consider the eco-friendly cars as their sole mode of transportation. The rise in electric cars on the road will encourage production of electric vehicle charging stations as the success of electric cars will be dependent on the availability of EV charging stations.


The global EV Charger (EVC) market is estimated to grow from 1 million units in 2014 to more than 12.7 million units in 2020, according to an EV Charging Infrastructure report by IHS Inc. Companies capable of producing EV charging stations are provided with an opportunity and a challenge. Company leaders will need to make decisions based on cost and customer experience; for example, the choice between Alternating Current and Direct Current electric charging stations. AC charging stations supply current to the vehicle charger while providing 15 miles of electric range per 30-minute charge. DC charging stations supply current directly to the vehicle battery to provide 80 miles of electric range per 30-minute charge.


EV charging station providers will need to account for the cost of installing stations, functionality, weatherproofing and getting power to the site. As a kiosk manufacturer, we overcome these challenges daily and see how EV charging stations can provide additional value as a source of information. Interactive kiosks paired with EV charging capabilities will give communities a way to further their green initiatives while providing a platform to broadcast information during emergencies, offer wayfinding services and promote local events and businesses.


We’re personally excited to see this trend grow as we continue to enhance our own green initiatives. We’ve already taken a lot of steps to make our manufacturing process more eco-friendly and plan to purchase an electric vehicle for our employees and guests to use while at our global headquarters in Aberdeen, NC. Our team can’t wait to see how interactive EV charging stations change the way drivers interact with the environment and communities.

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