Meridian Launches New All-In-One Tablet Kiosk Product – The Gateway

Aberdeen, NC – August 7, 2015 – Meridian, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions, today announced the Gateway, a new out of the box product offering that bundles an all-in-one tablet kiosk with a secure browser for convenient public access, using Meridian’s Mzero Platform software.


Providing relevant information, convenience and great service is increasingly challenging with the explosion of information and empowered, highly mobile consumers who have seemingly unlimited choices at their fingertips.


The Gateway product allows companies, organizations and agencies to point the secure browser to their web URL and other selected content and immediately engage with their customers to provide convenient information, customer service and extend their brands.


Hospitality, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Government, Media/Entertainment and Travel/Tourism are ideal industries that can benefit immediately from deploying the Gateway.


Key features of the Gateway tablet kiosk product include:

  •     All-in-one 10 inch, commercial grade Elo touchscreen that stays on 24/7
  •     Steel model with small footprint
  •     Android operating system
  •     Wi-Fi connectivity
  •     Integrated video camera
  •     Software: Mzero Platform for secure browsing, kiosk lockdown and boot control
  •     Options include cloud survey software, remote monitoring, custom branding and custom powder coat colors.


Leading initial use cases are Informational, educational, data collection, site surveys, human resources and health portal access.


“We built Meridian’s reputation as a premier, quality manufacturer of custom kiosks based on our concept to completion model capabilities of managing manufacturing, software development, integration and service process steps in-house to assure high quality and speed in prototyping and product deployment,” says Chris Gilder CEO of Meridian.


“Beginning with this Gateway product launch,” Gilder added, “Meridian will leverage concept to completion as a product development springboard and growth platform to develop a lineup of ready to ship products to complement our ability to build custom kiosks in large quantities.”


The company will offer the Gateway and future standardized products as a way to satisfy market demand in growth areas of self-service solutions through channel partners and its direct sales efforts.


“Partnerships are key to our success. Meridian will continue to select and collaborate with leading channel and technology partners as we market the Gateway and future standardized products to deliver great self-service customer experiences and provide value and revenue to our partners,” says Buck Warren President of Meridian.


About Meridian: Meridian is the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions and a fully integrated manufacturer of kiosks and interactive digital signage and developer of the Mzero software suite. Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience, Meridian specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, integration, deployment and support of productized and custom solutions. Meridian delivers high quality self-service experiences at scale for industry-leading companies, partners and their customers. Find out more at

August 7, 2015