Columbus Airport Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

Port Columbus International Airport needed a wayfinding solution to help travelers navigate both the airport and the city of Columbus, OH.


There is nothing more frustrating than trekking through an airport to find something after a long, stuffy flight. Hoping to address these concerns, Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) needed a solution to help it’s visitors navigate the airport and city with ease. With Meridian’s interactive digital wayfinding kiosks they accomplished that and so much more.


Meridian provided CMH with a unique wayfinding kiosk solution. Utilizing the wayfinding kiosks, CMH travelers can easily arrange transportation, find local restaurants, and make hotel accommodations. CMH’s solution was completely custom using the world’s leading remote access technology, based upon their goals and expectations.

Wayfinding Kiosk


At Meridian we’re not interested in the boilerplate approach when it comes to technology. With CMH it was of utmost importance to be able to have robust administrative and management tools in order to effectively manage multiple kiosks. The solution included:

  • Third Party Web APIs
  • CRM Integration
  • Payment Portal
  • Social Media Integration
August 24, 2018