Direct Auto Self Service Insurance Kiosk

When one of the nation’s leading auto insurance companies, Direct Auto Insurance needed to find better ways for their customers to get coverage quicker, Meridian delivered one of the industries most advanced solutions.
Insurance Kiosk


Since 1991, Direct General has offered affordable auto, motorcycle, and life insurance to drivers across the country. When looking for a way to streamline and simplify the insurance process for both new and existing clients, Direct General turned to Meridian to create a first-of-its-kind insurance solution.


Meridian provided Direct General with a custom kiosk based on the iSeries model. This unique insurance kiosk has the capability to produce auto insurance quotations in under 60 seconds, and affords drivers the opportunity to walk away with a fully binding policy in under 5 minutes. It also allows drivers to pay for their new or existing policies on the spot through means of payment such as cash, credit, or debit card, check, or split payment among the three types.


Meridian equipped every Direct General kiosk with a Windows core processor, enhanced wireless router, phone VoIP handset, webcam with microphone, and a 22-inch LCD touchscreen monitor. Each kiosk also features a thermal printer, card printer, card dispenser, and scanner. Additionally, a magnetic strip reader, cash dispenser, and cash acceptor are included for payment collection.


Meridian’s kiosk solution for Direct General was the first of its kind and highly successful. In 2016, the Direct General insurance kiosks provided tens of thousands of drivers with quotes and bill payment services. This solution in particular targeted one of Direct General’s largest target customer bases—unbanked and underbanked drivers. One percent of all transactions made at the Direct General kiosks were made with checks, forty-nine percent with credit or debit cards, and the remaining fifty percent with cash.

August 24, 2018