Sit Back, Relax, and Put Your Entertainment Kiosk to Work

While the majority of Americans spend at least 40 hours at work every week, they also take full advantage of and enjoy their time out of the office. In fact, according to a 2017 report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends more than $3,200 dollars on entertainment every year.


This number is large in itself, however, it reflects a 10% year over year growth from the year prior—and it’s expected that this growth trend will likely continue for years to come.


While the entertainment industry spans a wide horizon—from sporting events to concerts, theatre performances, movies, special events, amusement parks, festivals, and more—each respective division of the industry has a common denominator—to bring joy and provide a fun environment for those who choose to attend and participate. Because of this, entertainment venues, managers, and their employees work tirelessly to prevent long lines, inefficient processes, complications, and any other factors that could potentially hinder a guest’s entertainment experience.


While there are a number of measures taken by venues to ensure an enjoyable and entertaining guest experience, digital entertainment kiosks of all kinds—from ticketing to event promotion kiosks to loyalty services kiosks and interactive digital signage—enable venues to maximize employee efficiency and increase revenue while also enhancing and simplifying the entertainment experience for their valued guests.


Maximize Employee Efficiency

From the largest sporting events, theatrical performances, concerts, and amusement parks to small local productions, employees at an entertainment venue are constantly on their toes. Designed to maximize their efficiency, entertainment kiosks can automate some of the more menial administrative tasks, such as ticket sales, food ordering, and loyalty program enrollment. By automating, or at least providing an automated option, to help make employees and these processes more efficient, venues are able move guests through the lines more quickly, allowing them to enjoy their experience sooner.


Increase Revenue

Since employees are typically a company’s largest expense, maximized employee efficiency and increased revenue often go hand-in-hand. By streamlining processes, venues are able to accommodate more guests quicker than before. And since they aren’t spending their time waiting in line, guests are able to spend more time browsing merchandise offerings, riding more rides, and obtaining information or buying tickets for other upcoming events. Digital kiosks can also be used to promote add-ons and upselling for better seats, larger sized food orders, express lanes for rides, and upgraded merchandise, all of which can increase the amount of revenue an entertainment venue sees on a regular basis.


Enhance the Guest Experience

While the services received at an entertainment venue don’t necessarily make or break a guest’s experience, they do play a major role. Due to their versatile nature, entertainment kiosks are able to enhance the guest experience in more ways than one. From enabling employees to focus on customer service-oriented tasks to helping guests navigate the venue, and decreasing congestion and long lines throughout, entertainment kiosks have the potential to enhance the overall guest experience from beginning to end. In addition to enhancing their experience, entertainment kiosks can also provide a platform on which guests can leave reviews and feedback on their overall experience, whether good or bad, to help the venue make improvements and adjustments as needed.


While there’s certainly no replacement for the customer service received through a face-to-face interaction with an employee, entertainment kiosks provide the efficient solutions venues need to successfully meet their customers’ needs while also operating effectively and remaining profitable.


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June 5, 2019