How Successful Businesses Put Retail Kiosks to Work

Retail kiosks are changing the way customers engage with brands. With the increasing power of kiosk technology, store owners can showcase a targeted range of goods to each customer, feature loyalty promotions and even provide a fast and efficient payment process. Retail kiosks provide a number of ways for businesses to enhance customer experience and increase ROI. We recommend implementing the following use cases for your retail kiosk.


Help customers find what they’re looking for. Wayfinding kiosks guide users through the store and encourage customers to explore new departments and products. Businesses can leverage wayfinding capabilities to improve productivity of customer-facing staff and enhance customer service.

Digital Advertising

Retail kiosks provide convenient and engaging access to consumers. Digital advertising offers the ability to load ad content in multiple formats such as video, photo, text and audio. Engaging content on digital display increases consumer awareness and offers new channels for businesses to expand their consumer reach.


Endless Aisle

Improve inventory management and stock efficiency with a retail kiosk. Retail kiosks provide customers with access to more items while reducing on-hand inventory and warehouse costs. Users can browse merchandise and purchase items directly from the kiosk, creating a better customer experience and increasing ROI.

Order Entry

Businesses can leverage retail kiosks for self-service order entry. Retail kiosks allow employees to reallocate the time previously spent on taking orders and provides more efficient and accurate service while reducing transaction costs.

Bill Pay

Retail kiosks with bill-payment capabilities provide customers with a fast and efficient check-out process. The self-service bill-payment solution improves the retail experience by allowing users to skip the check-out line and frees up employees to assist customers in the sales process.

Retail Kiosks

Customer Loyalty

Retail kiosks enhance customer loyalty with targeted promotions. By offering customers coupons and other rewards, the retail kiosk engages frequent customers, creating brand loyalty and increasing revenue.


Retail Kiosks help businesses learn more about their customers. In-store surveys collect consumer insights while they are still at the retail location. Businesses can use the information to create more targeted content for consumers, improving the retail experience and increasing revenue.

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