3 Ways Kiosks Are Improving the Home Buying Process

According to an article by Homes.com, the process of shopping for, signing a contract, and closing on a home typically takes the average home buyer somewhere in the realm of one to four months. Of course, this timeline varies on a case-by-case basis as numerous factors including location, price, size, surrounding schools, and included amenities, among others, play a significant role in the process.


For most, a home is one of the largest purchases they will ever make, therefore the entire decision-making process can sometimes be stressful and daunting. Designed to alleviate worries and simplify the home buying process as a whole, digital real estate kiosks have emerged as an especially useful tool for helping home buyers, whether first-timers or seasoned veterans, navigate the landscape. And while real estate kiosks certainly don’t promise to completely remedy all worries and stressors associated with the home buying process, they are improving the overall experience for both real estate agents and their clients, alike. 


Here’s how they’re making a difference:

They Provide Transparency

When it comes to investing large sums of money on anything, especially a new home, consumers typically want as much upfront, honest, and transparent communication and information as possible. Available in a variety of different formats, including informational kiosks, thru-glass interactive content, and interactive digital signage, real estate kiosks are designed to do just that—provide and promote transparency throughout the entire buying process. Additionally, home buyers are able to use the kiosks to easily navigate through all relevant available listings and information to help them make an informed decision on their potential new home once they’re ready to make a purchase. 

Real Estate Kiosks Enhance Customer Experience

In addition to ensuring that information is readily available and presented in a transparent manner, real estate kiosks are also designed to enhance and customize the buyer experience. Created for unattended 24-7 access, kiosks enable home buyers to utilize familiar and user-friendly technology to access the information they need at a time that is most convenient for them—regardless of whether or not the real estate office is open. Kiosks also provide home buyers with a sense of freedom to explore the options most appealing to them in a personalized, low-pressure setting. 

They Maximize Efficiency

While the home buying process can take place over varying lengths of time, largely depending on the individual and their situation, digital real estate kiosks can be used to promote efficiency and expedite the overall process as a whole. From conducting research and filling out any necessary paperwork prior to or even after meeting with a real estate agent, to checking in for an appointment, or browsing featured properties, real estate kiosks are designed for simplification for both home buyers and real estate agents. By incorporating kiosks, real estate agents also empower home buyers to feel in control of their own buying experience—and, as a result, sometimes even expedite the buying process further.


From informational kiosks to thru-glass, digital signage, secure check-in, and more digital real estate kiosks are improving the home buying process by contributing to a more transparent, customized, and efficient buying experience for home buyers across the board. 


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August 7, 2019