5 Little Known Features That Can Take Your Interactive Directory to the Next Level

Have you ever arrived at a large office building for a meeting at the last minute only to end up being late for the meeting because you couldn’t find the appropriate office? Unless you work in them daily, office buildings are often the equivalent of a maze that you have to navigate knowledgeably to end up in the right place.


Just going to the doctor can be challenging these days. With so many physicians consolidating their practices and sharing space with other doctors whose specialties relate to their own, finding the right doctor in a complex with multiple practicing physicians isn’t always easy.


Until recently, people typically had to rely on the standard, static directories of businesses that occupied space in an office complex that’s normally found in the lobby. These displays aren’t always accurate, especially if a business recently moved in or out, or it moved from one office into another space in the building. If there isn’t a communal reception desk, an inaccurate lobby listing can force you to have to call the business you’re trying to visit, hope someone answers the phone and rely on their verbal guidance to get you to where you want to be. Today, there’s a better way thanks to Meridian Kiosks.

MzeroDirectMe Offers Self-Service Wayfinding

MzeroDirectMe is a scalable, interactive building directory that’s easy to update as businesses move in and out of a given office complex. This versatile software application allows visitors to find the companies they want to visit with ease. MzeroDirectMe is ideal for a wide array of environments, including corporate offices, hospitals, municipal buildings and universities.


MzeroDirectMe has several features that take the interactive directory experience to the next level. Here’s a description of each of them:

  • Software: MzeroDirectMe is built on the Mzero Platform, which is an industry leader for secure kiosk software. The platform offers support for a variety of components, security and performance management. The platform is easy to use, making updates and the addition of content a breeze.
  • Mobile Integration: MzeroDirectMe interacts with Meridian Kiosks’ mobile app, which enables users to engage the digital directory on mobile devices and take the requisite information wherever they go.
  • Print on Demand: The days of needing to stock lobby racks with brochures and business cards are gone when you have MzeroDirectMe. Rather than rely on outdated brochures, visitors can search for a business on the kiosk and display and print the information they need.
  • VoIP Calling: The kiosk’s VoIP capabilities enable visitors to contact the person or business they’re visiting and alert them that they’ve arrived. The kiosk allows for easy connection from the directory to outside phone systems as well.
  • Thru-Glass Technology: Meridian Kiosks offers thru-glass kiosk technology that enables users to connect with directory content around the clock.

Contact Meridian Kiosks

If you want a brightly lit, interactive directory that will take your occupant listing to the next level of engagement and user-friendliness, you need a MzeroDirectMe kiosk at your location. Contact Meridian to learn more about our digital kiosks and how they can enhance the visitor experience at your building today.

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