Creating Smart Lockers from Concept to Completion

Written by Kyle Conroy


The Value and Versatility of Meridian Technology


Since our founding in 1999, Meridian has led the self-service industry as a pioneer in innovation and precision. Recently, to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends, we’ve ramped up production of our Smart Lockers Systems.


Our lockers are crafted with the highest-quality materials, fitted with the latest state-of-the-art software, and can be tailor-made with a wide array of customization options and additional features to fit the specific needs or requests of our customers.


American Steel Hardware & Features


Each model is designed, engineered, and manufactured in our newly-expanded production facility in Aberdeen, NC.


Crafted from the finest American-made steel, we manufacture our lockers with the most modern features and quality designs for today’s digital storage devices.


All our Smart Locker models include a durable, steel-framed enclosure with tamper-resistant locks and a customizable powder coat finish. We also offer options for indoor and outdoor models to fit any space or environment.

Each order includes four customizable options for the sizes and dimensions of the locker doors:

  • Small Doors
    • Compartment Dimensions: (16″ W x 3.25″ H x 22″ D)
    • Door Dimensions: (18.76″W x 4.25″H)
  • Medium Doors
    • Compartment Dimensions: (16″W x 7.75″H x 22″D)
    • Door Dimensions: (18.76″W x 8.75″H)
  • Large Doors
    • Compartment Dimensions: (16″W x 16.85″H x 22″D)
    • Door Dimensions: (18.76″W x 17.75″H)
  • Extra Large Doors
    • Compartment Dimensions: (16″W x 34.75″H x 22″D)
    • Door Dimensions: (18.76″W x 35.75″H)


Learn more about the sizing of our different lockers here.


Every Smart Locker comes with one or more of Meridian’s admin columns. Users can operate and manage the storage devices by tapping, typing, or swiping on the attached 15-inch touchscreen display.


Safe & Secure MZero Software


We equip each of our Smart Lockers with our revolutionary MZero software which allows users to remotely use, manage, and track the devices digitally.


When deploying your Smart Locker solution, customers can create their own application from Meridian’s Software Development Kit (SDK), MzeroCreate. MzeroCreate provides the programming interface integration which allows complete customization of the locker solution platform. It also can integrate with the locker hardware itself.


MzeroManage is Meridian’s proprietary remote monitoring software, designed to enable locker administrators to monitor and manage multiple locker deployments from remote locations. MzeroManage aggregates all the inventory of the Smart Locker system into a single database in real-time, giving administrators the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, even when they’re offsite.


Customization Options


Over the past twenty years, Meridian’s focus on working with our clients along every step from concept to completion has established us as an industry leader.


Increasingly, Smart Lockers are becoming useful for a growing number of contemporary business and commercial needs. We understand the concerns about upgrading to a modern Smart System, which is why we offer a host of customizable options and features specifically catered to the unique digital needs of today’s consumers.


Every Smart Locker product can include additional features such as barcode scanners and payment processing/transaction components. Custom Pantone color matching is also available, as well as the addition of an anti-microbial powder coat finish.


For complete ADA Compliance, we also offer the option of an additional pin pad and headphone jack.

Learn more about our different Smart Locker options on our website, and contact us today for a quote to start choosing the perfect Smart Locker solution for your business.



April 18, 2023